Two Christmas magic

By 07.01.2021Blog

Two children deprived of parental care, to whom they gave their love and attention, supported by our foster families, received the biggest gift for the past Christmas. Maria and Dinko welcomed the new year 2021 in the arms of their adoptive parents and will now grow with the love and care of mom and dad.


Seven-year-old Maria is one of the children rejected by her parents. He spent his early childhood in an institution, and for a little over a year he has been in the cozy home of the foster family Mina and Ivan Derelievi.  And although she is surrounded by their care and love, she does not stop dreaming about her real “mom” and “dad”.


A few months ago, a ray of light illuminated Maria’s fate when a wonderful family wanted to adopt her. They liked each other from the first meetings when they got to know each other and played together. With each passing day, Maria waited more and more impatiently for the “smiling woman” to come and hug her. One day this woman asked her if she wanted to take her to her home, where her father and older sisters were waiting for her. That day, Maria shone with happiness, said “mom” again, and boldly took her mother’s hand to begin her new happy life in a real family.


The second Christmas miracle happened to Dinko. For more than a year, Yuliana Uzunova’s foster family has been struggling to bridge the gap. They took Dinko in their arms straight from the hospital, gave him all their care, love and warmth, and did everything possible, as Juliana says, “his future moms and dads should enjoy a healthy and happy child.”


And they succeeded – Dinko became physically stronger, got closer to the development of his peers, became independent and confident in everything he does. With the support, energy, professionalism and big heart of the foster mother Yuliana Uzunova, Dinko’s adoptive parents successfully and effectively contacted the child via Viber in the extremely risky and serious moment of a pandemic situation in the country. They talked and had fun together, liked each other and believed that they would be happy together. Dinko welcomed 2021 in his new real family, surrounded by the love and warmth of his mom and dad.


Miracles happen at Christmas!


Last year, 7 of the children cared for by the foundation’s 23 foster families found their new real family and are now growing up surrounded by the love and warmth of mom and dad.


Our team wishes them a carefree, healthy, and happy childhood, full of care, warmth and love!