Support for adoptive families and families of relatives

By 20.02.2017Our services

The adopters and relatives are very important for the abandoned children because they replace the care in a social institution, which is usually the only alternative in case of abandonment. We help the families of the relatives who welcome children with psychological support, social information and consulting, as well as with mediation before institutions. For the adopters, we provide training as part of program, which introduces them with the special features of the children from the social institutions, as well as with certain parental skills. We also provide psychological support, social information and mediation to the adopters after the accommodation of the child in the family. We help relatives and adopters during the adjustment of the child with the family and the adaptation in its new home. All our lawyers and family therapists are at the call of everyone. We organize groups for mutual aid in which are discussed the difficulties and the challenges before the adopters and relatives who take care of children.