Since 2019 Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) continues to provide vital healthy nutrition for vulnerable children supported by For Our Children Foundation

In May 2020 Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) once again kindly donated USD10,000 to provide healthy food for very young, vulnerable children as part of its ‘Nutrition for Zero Hunger’ programme and in partnership with local partner charity, For Our Children Foundation.


Worldwide HNF helped almost 220,000 children in 2020 by providing good nutrition and nutrition education.


In Bulgaria HNF has enabled For Our Children Foundation provide daily meals for six children age under 7 years-old who live in the charity’s Children’s House.  In addition, Foundation’s team continued to teach children about the benefits of good daily nutrition habits and promote good attitudes to healthy food.  In the Children’s House, For Our Children Foundation provides a balanced diet for children as an integral part of their growth and development. The children have been encouraged to try out new diverse healthy foods and they happily participate in the preparation of fresh food together with the carers.


In addition HNF contributed towards the expansion of a new Day Care Centre which opened in September 2020 to enable the provision of good quality, delicious and, varied food for the visiting children. The centre provides a flexible offering of day care provision (all-day, half-day or hourly care) to provide support for children with developmental challenges.


The children are excited to visit the centre for the stimulating, developmental activities and nutritious meals. In the short time it has been opened, the Centre has already set a tradition for the children to participate in various culinary workshops, which include baking of cakes and cookies, and preparing fruit salads and fun foods like pizzas.



The COVID-19 pandemic has really challenged many families with young children and increased the demand on the resources provided by For Our Children Foundation through its Community Support Centres in Sofia and Plovdiv. The loss of a stable income put to the test the care of their children. Fortunately with the support of HNF, these families have benefitted from continued support so that the children’s health was not put at risk.


“In our Children’s House we take care of six children who are without parental care.  Up to September 2020, these were babies and young children up to 3 years.  Now we cater for children from age 3 to 7 years old. We are proud that with us the children learn to love, smile, take their first steps, say their first words, know the letters, count and grow up securely until they are adopted by new parents. A particularly important element in the care of these children is healthy nutrition, for which I thank the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation. HNF’s support since 2019 has enabled our children to grow up healthy.”

  • said Mariana Sokolova, Manager, Children’s House, For Оur Children Foundation.


Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) is one of the key partners of For Our Children Foundation.  HNF has provided support since 2019 and so far in total more than 400 children have benefitted. The support has included daily nutrition provision for vulnerable children in the Children’s House and Day Care Centre together with support for the Centers for Community Support in Sofia and Plovdiv and the Foster Care Center in Sofia.