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Does the business play a role in solving social iniquities and problems, such as the separation of children and parents sue to poverty, disability or lack of support? Can it participate in the closure of children institutions, to be a motive power of the change that hundreds of children hope for? The answer is undoubtedly yes. The corporate sector has been thinking for a long time ago out of the bounds of its profit and invests back into the society – the same one that needs sustainability so that the business can work and develop successfully in it.

The socially responsible companies, which support causes related to the children well-being, realize that, by investing in a child, they invest in the human potential of our nation, in the education and after that in the working realization. There is the real opportunity for the business to be beneficial where the state cannot be or is not ready to be the main actor. Because the corporate social responsibility is a comprehension for shared responsibility.

For more than 20 years now, we at For Our Children Foundation see in the business a responsible and reliable partner. Introduce yourself with some of the campaigns, with which we fight for a better life for the children in Bulgaria.

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Institutional Partners

The Foundation develops partnerships with key institutions and objects of the healthcare, social and educational systems. It cooperates with them in order to meet the complex needs of the children at early age and their families and to guarantee the child’s best interest as well. It is of key importance that the systems work interactively  and synchronized for the achievement of common aims for the child well-being. The institutional partnerships are developing as a part of the social services of the foundation, as well as a part of the project activity and advocacy we realize.

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Donation Boxes

A box can gather so many things – old items, precious gift or memories, stamped on black and white photos. However, we collect in a box something special – hope, change, family. Thanks to our partners, who have arranged For Our Children Foundation`s donation boxes in their working places, we gather the sympathy of thousands of people who, with their at first sight small contribution, help us to pursue big goals. And we succeed because we are many. Thank you!

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