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Children’s House is a place for accommodation and temporary care for small children (from 0 to 7). The model of Children’s House is implemented for the first time by “For Our Children” foundation in 2003 at the Komatevo neighborhood in Plovdiv. Twelve years later, in Sofia, with the support of donors, was built a house, compliant with the contemporary tendencies for family housing.


Children’s House correlates with the Community Support Center and the Foster Care Center of “For Our Children” foundation, it is fully integrated into the system of social support in the community and actively works with the departments for child protection, maternity wards, health care system and other non-profit organizations.


All children demonstrate a considerable progress in their development after being placed at the FTPC “Childhood”, and all of those, who leave the Center go to a family environment – going back to their biological families, to adoptive and foster families.


The care at FTPC “Childhood” resonates to the one in a family environment and do not lead to deficits in children, related to institutionalization. The service supports the placement of the child in a foster family and the adoption as it guarantees succession, foreseeing, and security in the process for the child as well as for the family. FTPC “Childhood” provides training, preparation of the family, services for fitting, consulting before and during the adoption. The team of FTPC “Childhood” works intensively for preparing the children who are planned to go to a family environment.


A team of childminders is responsible for taking care of the children and they are supported by volunteers. They spend time with the children daily, and, apart from taking primary care of them, they plan and realize activities in every child’s regime, which assure individual psychological and emotional support.


The children at FTPC “Childhood” receive the necessary warmth, love, and individual care. They are provided with healthy and fully compliant with the needs of the children eating. All conditions for building hygiene and other habits of the children are created. The eating regimes of the children are optimally balanced and timely consulted with a doctor and updated when needed.

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