Here Adi found home and love

By 09.12.2020Blog

A warm embrace, family coziness, and sincere love welcomed almost a month ago a little girl deprived of the warmth of her native family. They were given to her by the foundation’s supported mother, Vera Krumova, just a few months after she sent another little girl, Katerina, whom she lovingly cares for, to his new permanent family.

Having survived the separation and taken in her arms another child in need of her care and love, today Vera is happy and full of new emotions that little Adi gives her.


Adi is only one year and nine months old, but she has already felt lonely after being abandoned by her mother.

Happy story from the first moment, crossing the threshold of her new home, the little charmer was greeted with attention and tenderness by the biological son and mother of Vera.


She quickly began to get used to her new environment, now relaxes and communicates with everyone in the family calmly, and of course as every child shows ownership of all toys. And Vera Krumova once again opened her big heart and kind soul, with which she returned Adi’s charming smile.



Of course, the foster mother and her family face many challenges, but with patience, the right approach, and most of all, a lot of love, Adi will experience a truly happy, sunny, and carefree childhood.