Father’s Day

By 25.12.2020Blog

“No need in childhood is as strong as the need for paternal protection.”

Sigmund Freud.


On the second day of Christmas, December 26, Bulgaria celebrates Father’s Day. The Orthodox Church celebrates it on December 26.

In most countries, Father’s Day is a secular holiday. It exists all over the world but is celebrated on different dates and in different ways.


This is a day dedicated to the fatherhood and parental care of men. The father is as important to the child and his development as the mother. He is a role model. It teaches the child self-confidence, courage, and self-belief. The father is a hero in the eyes of his child!


Today we will introduce you to a father – a hero. His name is Peter Petrov. He raises his 6-year-old daughter Antonia, who has special needs. The family uses Early Childhood Intervention Services at the Hagia Sophia Center.



“I am very happy since Antonia was born. To me, she is the dream child. I have always enjoyed my child, regardless of his disabilities. Tony is like all other children – sometimes he is cunning, he does mischief, he laughs… She is in my heart. I love her as she is. She is cared for with a lot of love and warmth. I want her to be cheerful and happy and to develop according to her abilities. The child taught me patience, responsibility, coping with various difficulties, and believing in the future. “